Christmas is cancelled (maybe)

Christmas deadlines are due and its coming very very soon. My dissertation is also due in January which isn’t too bad I have nearly got to my word count, but I still haven’t finished my intro or started the conclusion. So I might actually go over word count, shock horror. Other than that it is making my brain turn into scrambled egg, and it will be so good to hand it in.

My personal protect is due in before christmas too but luckily I already have finished nearly everything and I am not worrying about that. I have completed three double page spreads and a front and back cover. which I can put into my portfolio when Im ready. I am going to make character portfolios as I should know my characters inside and out before before I release my children’s illustrated book, which I will be doing after christmas. An Audio book is also on the cards! Which is very exciting. (If I get it done)

I think when the pages are printed off ‘Big Jen; Our A0 printer on gloss paper, it does look really nice, the colours look more defined and bright, however when I get the book professionally printed I will want water coloured thick weight paper, this will show the details of the paint and ink.




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