After a really successful Christmas shopping day, I am now playing around with my layout ideas for my cover and other pages of my children’s illustration book. I have also started looking into the basic knowledge research of children studies and children’s books, I won’t be looking at the illustrations when I’m doing this, but I will be looking at the stories, how they are being told, what reading level age the book is for, and how it deals with common emotions and developing feelings, like empathy. I think once I have a grasp on this I can successful create a series of books for my personal project and my B.A (HONS) end of year show. I struggled yesterday when talking to Shirley about what I am actually doing, and what is hard is that I know what I want to do, but the reasons behind are a still a bit, er.. ah.. erm. Which is rubbish? So Definitely over Christmas, I am going to redefine my brief, break it down, rip it apart and what is left should and will be exactly what I’m doing. I have already started a noted list for what I am going to achieve tomorrow and what I should at least start.

Back onto the pages, what I did notice is that a serif typeface is nearly used in most case of children’s books, now I looked into this and apparently it’s easier for a child to read and identify letters. I have taken this on board and will be using this style of typeface through my illustrated pages.

I have also been so inspired by Catherine Rayner, I think she’s brilliant and also think my style of illustrations is quite similar to hers. Which maybe why I probably like them so much. She too uses medium’s such as silk screen, water colours and fine liners, however, hers are less detailed than mine but absolutely stunning, everything on her pages looks like works of art rather than a child’s book. And that’s really what I want to achieve, create stories of depth that link to a child’s development but can be appreciated visually by both the child and parent/adult. She too uses heavy weight, watercolour card, which is what I want to print my pages on to fully represent the illustration and the texture. Everyone (I think) enjoys the feel of beautifully thick and nicely printed card. And apparently young child interact more with texture


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