You know when you are on the bus coming home from town at 8pm on a Saturday night and you either get the usually bunch who have been shopping or working or you then you get the odd few elderly drunks that started drinking pretty early. Well I got one of them! He cornered me into speaking to him. However after he rambled on about his grandkids and great grankids he asked me what I did, so I told him I study Graphic Arts at university and his eyes lit up! He, until recently was a mature student, went back to university at 60 and studied calligraphy. He talked about it with such enthusiasm and detail it was really nice and when I said I based my F.D final show on a self learn calligraphy book he was over the moon, he gave me tips and pointers about the pens and nibs and a book from the 10th century that he got hold of 10 years ago! It was a breath a fresh air from the usually bus chit chat. It was refreshing and was quite sad I had to cut the conversation short to get off the bus. Amazing. 


4 thoughts on “Wonderful 

      1. It’s just your enthusiasm, you get carried away with your experiences…proof reading goes out the window! It’s ok, we all do it…even Paxman…maybe…at least once a year! 🙂

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