No rest

Since I have to work today (zzzz) and by that I mean part time job, not fun graphic stuff. I got up a extra early to try and get a few hundred more words into my dissertation. I am quite happy with my paste at the minute, a few hundred words every couple of days or continuous days and soon enough it will be OVER! Strange though, now that I have started to talk about my main topic and problem, I am actually enjoying it. I am looking at depression and anxiety in creatives and when does creativity end and madness/genius begin? Why are creatives so prone to being linked with mental illnesses? And how as a millennial designer, will I and other designers and creatives get over this issue and problem. I will be looking at ways to give your self a little bit of credit! As our own demons about our work is what will essentially start the panic. (In my view) But I will be looking at other theories and articles and books to see what else people are saying about creativity and mental health.


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