Bears bears bears

Today was spilt evenly down the middle first few hours I spent on dissertation which was quite successful, I written 300 words so maybe tomorrow I’ll write 200 just to make a solid 500! Add it to my work count and jobs a good’n. Next I started to research into my final B.A (HONS) exhibition, which is super scare yet quite exciting! Hopefully starting now gets the confusing ‘I don’t know what to do’ stage out the way, so when we go back in January everyone in the class will (hopefully) have a final idea. After writing up a bullet point document of the basics of my final brief, I started to go back to my personal project, I drew a few more bears and even had time to put some pins in my exhibition inspiration board. Yay.

On some of my bear illustrations for my personal project I have started to add multiple mediums to see how the textures and patterns look, I have used water colours, water pencils, sharpies, promarkers and plain coloured pencils. I really enjoyed using the water colours and pencils, the effect both of these mediums give are completely different yet both lovely. The texture of the water colour on thick sketchbook paper, actually looks amazing and I now need water colours in my life everywhere. Blending is also great with water colours, so much easier.




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