Up early

Started early this morning, 6 start! No rest for the wicked. I first started on my disscertation, I only wrote about 300 words but I got to the 2000 word count so that makes me happy.

I am now getting to more ‘funner’ stuff, sorry Paxman. But I am going to watch some episodes of The secret life of a 4, 5, and 6 year old. This I think will help me when I create my book for my personal project. (AND FINAL EXHIBITION AHHH) Watching this might help me understand, children at such a crucial age. This will give me hopefully an insight at what I should publish in my first book? Maybe just illustrations for them early key stage learners or go straight in with a story line? Who knows. #slow4yo

From what I have just watched I could maybe create stories and illustrations of experience and lessons children go through, and show different outcomes. Only little stories. This could incorporate how children can deal with emotions as at this age (4) they have not really regulated them. Its exciting as just watching the first episode has given me lots of ideas!



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