Daily Post

Yesterday was quite a success! I had a little one to one with Anna who looked over my dissertation and gave me tiny bits of feedback, it helped a lot and I’m starting to feel confident now writing. I think I just couldn’t get my head around it last year the critical analysis. Well onwards and upwards! I spent my morning doing my dissertation then planned to carry on with the Binary Brief. I am now following my ‘daily’ plans. This is were I give my self time slots for each project. I want to make the most use of my time and time management is extremely helpful.

After dinner I started playing around with more of my binary designs, I wanted to hurry up the logo process as we have to showcase our work on Friday to SmilingWolf. I made a few digital logos then Jennie started to play around with shapes and colours. It was great just to play around and completely go crazy with some of the designs. As much as me and Jen argue when we get down to business we actually work quite well together! Jen did some brilliant stuff with circles, let me tell you that! It was quite successful. We then moved onto sub logos, including Sound city. If I may say so I think it looked quite good. After playing around I think we know what road to follow with the designs. Which is brill.

At around 5 o clock I had my one to one With Shirley about my Honours Project! AHHH, So scary, but was quite effective. Went in with no idea or clue to what I was going to do, and walked out with a hundred ideas I couldn’t wait to start. Its very exciting. I am going to link my personal project into my honours, as I think it will definitely be more handy and effective when it comes to research. Cannot wait to start. Just need to hurry up with writing my dissertation then I can put all my focus into the Honours!

p.s not posting any designs yet for Binary, as the class are all in competition with each other (Yes I know its childish but no COPYING)


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