On Thursday I went to a creative kitchen workshop at launhc22 this led me to attend launches free Friday! It was brilliant I went with Jennie Beth and Faye and we all spent the first few hours drinking tea and coffee and working on our binary brief. It was extremely productive. I then started to work on a little Christmas poster that was asked to B.A students, by Mark, I have talked about it in my previous post. The whole environment was brilliant, working alongside creatives and professionals isn’t half inspiring. Everyone has there own little spot they work in and everyone can make teas and coffee and even a cheeky vodka and Coke which ended up being the case!! During this little tipsy gathering, we met a man who’s conowner of a sports company called Protein Fitness. He offered us a business opportunity that would involve him finding us clients and seen as we are staying out we would offer a student price. The cost would be split right down the middle 50/50. It’s definitely something to look at. We also started talking to a man called Mike who didn’t originally come from a creative background but was doing a self learn graphics course (I think anyways) I was trying my best to concentrate. Overall I was extremely productive and proactive which having an amazing social filled experience. It makes me really want to work along side creatives as a living and work in a studio. 





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