Thinking straight

After having a lovely birthday weekend off, not thinking about uni work and my dissertation it’s back to reality. I have already started splitting my dissertation into quite easy category’s, giving areas a certain amount of pages which seems easier for me to handle. I like to write but I am absolute rubbish at academic writing. Complete rubbish. I also need to start my designs for the binary project. I have (and the group) want the design to have life, a heart and soul that’s living and breathing, this will not only represent the festival but the audience and value of what it means and what it stands for. I want it to be apart of something bigger. Ita very calming knowing I will be in a team for this brief, as I know I do have my personal project to start and thousands of words need to be done for my dissertation. I feel very motivated today. I think having some time off to reflect about what it is I’m doing it’s refreshing, now that I’m the big 2, 1, I have to start thinking properly. Soon I will graduate and everything will come so quickly then I’ll need to get a job and things will happen and right now is the time I should use to prepare. It’s sort of like the calm before the storm. Very scary indeed! If you havnt noticed I have also updated my blog!! Well you probably have, it’s more organised and I have a fancy little portfolio page to back up everything I talk about in this blog. I still need to set up another page that directs you straight to my etsy shop, but it will come in due time. Right now going to keep on updating my projects. So today hopefully will be very productive. YES YES!


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