Research for B.F

I have recently started a live brief with Smiling Wolf. A Graphic design agency in the hear of the Boltic Triangle. I am working in collaboration with Jennie, Beth, and Faye. Taking on the ‘studio’ roles. Usually design agencies all work together on projects so it makes sense. following in their footsteps.

Next week we are going to go back around to the Baltic, just to get a more of a feel for the place, the colour pallet! (even buildings hold colour) This will build our research in what our advertisements, brand and identity could mirror. We don’t want to copy any one but compliment what will be in trend.

Obviously adding our own little twist which will make it our own and current. My idea is something thats got heart, its connections, connecting people. Something thats alive and breathing, with a heart. It does not sound like it will come together but it makes complete sense in my notes, which I won’t be posting on here, keep some of it a mystery šŸ˜‰ … Until the final products and designs have been completed.

I have been looking at agencies including Constellations, Elevator, and Camp and Furnace. By doing this I will look at the branding and any events taking place. This will definitely help when starting our branding.

Constellations is having a christmas festival, which the posters are quite nice, its not a whole identity but its a lovely design. I think once we go and have a look around the feel of the place will give everyone in the team a lot of inspirations. Having a team makes a lot of sense, we all have our own qualities and strengths which we can bring to the table. Everything makes it a lot easier, even dividing research ( however I love doing research anyways)

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 16.33.11


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