Screen Printing

So yesterday I bought myself a print screen set, which was only £54 I was made up. I started to then practice my designs which will be put onto fabrics. I played around with just putting my designs on paper then I experimented with a pillow case. It actually worked quite well for my first run. I have used the thin cotton, for my first trial run. I have also bought thicker cotton pillows to see if it effects the quality of the design. I also have gorton some sharpie fabric pens, this is just to get to basics and see the quality. My other option is using transfer paper, I got 5 sheets yesterday, so I will print some designs on and see how they will actually look. I have been told the quality of my paper I have gotten isn’t that good, so touch wood everything works out okay!
I also bought a CD tutorial which was extremely helpful. It was very informative and talked about each process and step to take. I have already used this type of medium before but I wanted to correctly use all the inks and acrylics properly.IMG_3700










Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.13.16


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