Little research

I have started to look at my reason for trying to make Croft a more social media friendly brand. And I struggled at first yes I want to connect to a different generation but why? I started to think more deeper and look at other companies that use these new techniques and methods. I think a lot of companies are saving money not by not paying to have there products shown on adverts but more sharing viral contents that creates buzz! It makes them stand out from the boring same old adverts on tv and Billboards day in day out. Once you get that connection with your consumer, people start to talk and share your brand. Customers then start to gravitate towards your brand, they want more! It’s a really cheap campaign idea that can be deployed on every different platform! This website was extremely helpful with my findings,
It’s not only what the customer can learn about the business, it’s what we can learn from them. See what they like look at their reviews, complaints. It’s a great way to count statistics. At the minute wit my project I am geo-marketing which is basically selling or sending my message across to a specific audience, either based on the geographic location or age.



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