I have put my video on an iPhone just to show what It would actually look like on the real app. I did this on After Effects as its brilliant and my skills are getting better! 

Happy Happy. The reason I have done is because I was trying to aim more of my branding at Generation M. Doing this by putting stories and posts on snapchat and Instagram. The reasons I have tried to make my video look a bit dark, and using the time lapses of walls which are not sanded and wallpapered and floors that are only the bare floor boards, it like a night mare, especially for people that have only just moved, or moved because of uni. AND Its October which is halloween month, what better time to follow in other brands who also do this (things that represent the festivities during them periods) to target the right audience. Now this isn’t aimed at older people for example. It could be, a 67 year old woman could have snapchat and love reading the cosmopolitan and love to see my video which is trying to say we got your back, you’re moving or redecorating, come shop at Croft and get your fill. But ignoring that, it is more aimed at generation M.


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