Method of working

I have started to look into design methodology and getting the best solution, out of what ever problem I find or create during my brief. With this text in the city brief, I have asked myself ‘why’ through out all of my work, and you’ll never guess what, I have a answer for everything! why I decided to expand crofts target audience, why I have looked into generation M and why its important to use social media in my advertisements that does link to media apps including Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Mainly snapchat and Instagram. Reason why I have created videos on After Effects, I have all ready for my presentation.

Using brainstorming to encourage innovative and collaborative thinking. This helps to work through proposed ideas, which helps arrive at the best solution. I know that I have to meet the needs of the consumer and will be doing this with cost effective with my products I create.

I think Croft needs to push out designs and advertisements on multiply platforms because its missing such a huge selling point that a lot of brands are taking advantage off. Having omnichannel platforms and multi channels doesn’t just sell to more people it builds loyalty, and confidence. Its completely missing a huge target audience. Other companies that use multi platforms are Nike, and Cosmopolitan. I think for Croft to survive it needs to step up its game. By competing with these brands, they could be more successful than ever before.

I think the technique and method I have been using is called Heuristic, Its means enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves. which I have been doing with After Effects. I am self taught with After Effects and have been narrating my process through most of my blog posts.


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