End Products.

Here is my finished video for my Text in the city brief. I still have over a week till the deadline so don’t count on me not to change my mind about this! I will probably change something by then. I have now started looking at the final products that will go alongside my adverts. This could include wallpapers, cups (the dreaded cups) pillow cases, framed work. The possibilities are quite stretched. I know that I am definitely going to have a wall paper and pillow design, the question now is how is the do able. Cost comes into most definitely, however after doing a bit of looking online I have noticed its actually quite pricey! which I was surprised about as you can buy a t shirt for £7 with your design and a tiny pillow case cost on average around £25-40 to be made! SO I am going to look at my other options, How can I do this myself? Well there is transfer paper, the print press machine, with transferable ink on fabric. I will look at what is cost efficient and time worthy. I know I am going to buy a roll of wallpaper, which will be plain and print my design onto it using Andy’s printer, ‘Big Jen’. I will have to pay Andy of course for the Ink and what not, so I will have to put that down on my travels.

Anyways back to my video, I am quite happy with what I have learnt and created so far using After Effects since I only started self learning last week. I will most definitely be using the program for the future and probably in my next run brief. I think my idea was best suited this program regardless of me wanting to learn it, I wanted my design to be clear and raw and smooth. Something that was enjoyable to watch. Not too fussy on the eyes which completely fits with the brand. I will price all the products I design according to how much it cost me to make and see if it would benefit the brand on the long run. (I think it would as its missing out of a target audience) Generation M!!
I find it works as my other videos which I haven’t posted yet will have the actually products I have created in them. So everything fits along side each other.
Overall my view is that if this was a really product from Croft, this idea could work and possibly bring in a lot of custom and money.
Any feedback would be great, I swear I have gotten a lot better with criticism (slightly better) 😀


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