What do people like to see

For this ‘Text in the City’ brief I am trying to stick to the brand standard guideline of Croft. which is a sub brand apart of John Lewis’ They use very mininal and timeless designs, neutral in the pallet and tactile materials so I want to follow in the same foot step to not upset the brand familiar look, they do mix up different eras to create a relaxed look.

So what do people like to see, or feel, what makes a home feel like a home. Thats sort of the look I am going for. Since I am aiming my target audience at generation M. They aren’t an old group at all it ranges from people born between 1982 and 2000. So what are that age group doing? Well heres a short list from my point of view from being in this generation is moving either with university or getting a new job which could mean affording your own house or flat. increasing in ‘adult’ privileges. Without sounding stereotypical because there will be generation M living at home with there parents who aren’t in uni or looking for a new living arrangement but at a whole is a busy time for this lot, who are digital natives. Now lets say this is the case (most of the time) how do this lot shop for items or products, what do they look for. Its something thats adorable, trendy, yet will have a long lasting effect on their home that can be timeless.

So what is seen as cost worthy, but still pricey, but has a really good customer consumer rate… John lewis, so lets make a brand that is more suited to our younger generation. Lets aim it using social media and like I have discussed before omnichannel platforms. lets get there attention and let people know that this is a brand that wants to gain loyalty and credit and does want to build a more full target audience.

I want to look into patterns especially with lines to suit my theme throughout the video and the actually logo. I have also found this article which I found quite useful. I am now going to look at the golden ratio, and patterns I can create using it, or use the actual golden ratio as a illustration.

Why some shapes are more pleasing to the eye than others http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/why-some-shapes-are-more-pleasing-to-the-eye-than-others-5513732.html

I will play around with shapes and also look at the upcoming trends next year to see if I can do anything that will fit along side what is current. I will look at symmetry, pattern and lines as this is very effective tool to attract peoples attention.



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