Trend analysis for A/W 17/18

I have been looking at colour pallets and themes that are going to be big in that current trend next year that does fit alongside my Croft brand. By doing this I am sort of taking steps into having the right type of style and colours that fit the current trend. I have been looking at a number of people who predict the analysis, this being their job Im hopping they get it right but taking the right precautions I will be researching a number of people and companies, tis can include magazines too. I found this on pinterest which led me to a blogging site by a woman called Madeline who is a style blogger. She seems to really know her stuff. she has a few boards on pinterest which I found easier to read, rather than her talking about next years trends.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.05.16

It does seem to fit in with the style of croft which is a damn relief!!


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