Ted talks

How to apply inspiring things to my life?  

For this brief ‘text in the city’ I have been listening to Tedtalks and it’s brilliant. I have took Shirley’s advice and been listening to the talks in the morning, on the train, on the bus, the 8 minute walk to uni from the train station. It’s quite addictive now. Listening to passionate people makes you passionate, it makes me realise environment matters, the people I hang around with matter. Very deep stuff, it’s terrible for side tracking me from this brief. However it did inspire me to write this blog post and now I can’t wait to get to uni and start my work. I’m more self directed in this study. I think I like independent learning, I definitely feel the benefit of learning a new program on my own has pushed limits for me. I feel this year I can accomplish tasks and do more for myself as a third year B.A student. 

I have currently created 13 seconds on my after effects video and I am completely over the moon with what I have accomplished. I have decided to link more research wit my final outcome. Since I started looking at trend analysis I know from my age being in the M generation what works with advertisement and how I view big companies and brands. I know John Lewis is rich in heritage and has stolen generation X and even older generations hearts. It was generation M I was trying to aim the target at. So how do I do it, omnichannel platforms. Multiply channel directed at this generation using apps and programs such as instagram, twiter, and snapchat. Then everything starts to connect more easily. I am going to use a technique that actually withholds information, this deliberately limits what the consumer knows about the brand and products and sparks excitement, a consumer will want to know more, and they will by watching further adverts and videos. Keeps people on their toes and excited. Millennials are digital natives. They have grew up with social media. I will use that knowledge to widen my chosen brands customer base, aiming at younger generations. 63% of millennial a stay updated on brands through social networks. -iPSOS, OTX, 2013. 

Using this information I will be directing advertising to a presidio generation of my chose. M. I want to bring in a new audience for this brand and by us using these steps, brand analysis, trend analysis, and sales. I think I can promote a positive impact to this brand and bring up sales. How I see it is that everything ties together. Using my generation knowledge to sell to know best? Yes my generation I can use my new skills and build a better selling known brand.

In terms of softwear, After Effect, which I am self taught, I am happy with my development of the program and will further my knowledge in continuing to create my video illustration advertisement. Along with other videos that will tie in with my advert. 


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