Someone’s sitting on my chest

lately I have deffintly started to feel the anxiety come back, the heavy feeling of weight and pressure isn’t easy to ignore. I think I have come to terms with my stress and anxiety but can laugh it off however it is a major part of my life that follows me home from uni. I feel using this topic for a forefront in my dissertation could actually help me in understanding the mental health of creative minds. It’s not a proven fact but it’s well seen and talked about. I have watched a lot of ted talks lately and they really do make you think and become confused and question reality and your own sanity… Without making me sound crazy. Mental health seems to run along hand in hand with the creative mind and maybe everyone is scared of the fear of failure, not reaching their own personal goals, and not being able to know if the work they love to produce, poems, art, sculptures, writers that it will never be successful or be good enough. I think personally I need to stop being so self critical and more social critical. Self criticism only leads to self destruction and maybe this is the bloody reason so many creatives have took there own lifes. I am quite interested in this so I’m hoping it is a good route to go down for my essay, wish me luck. 


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