Action Plan

Today and yesterday I started to learn After Effect, I used a lot of online tutorials which was a huge help. I first watched some on youtube of the basics then started to go into detail of the movement, rotation, and direction. Here are just a few of the videos I watched on youtube, , It made me realise how complicated it is to learn but now I have started I am zooming through it. Its much easier than using photoshop, timeframe, and less time consuming. I wanted to use this program as it would help in the final outcome for this project and also to build my knowledge on a application I know nothing about and have never used. Self encouragement and critical thinking and learning I thought went hand in hand with using a new program.
Due to problems today with the uni network, I couldn’t save any print screens to show you what I watched and the steps I used in creating my little video. I have used lines. I originally was going to create a moving image with a dashed line. However I came to certain issues with this method. If I created a solid on After Effect. I could add the Effect called Stroke but there is other similar effects I have used.
I will send a mini clip of the video I currently have. This will make it easier to explain once you can see what I am talking about. I am happy with the progress I made today, I also had a little chat with Shirley which always helps. I think I need to learn that everything I do needs a reason and I should be able to explain everything I have did throughout my whole project. From the research to the final end product. Currently I am happy at the paste I am going.


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