The generation of visual curators.

I came into uni early today to get some of this ‘text in the city’ brief done. I started to look at Protein a design agency, this then led me to look at Jo Jackson a managing director at that company doing a talk for D&AD called Fashion and Digital Trend Analysis. It was very interesting and extremely helpful. I must of taken a bazzilion notes and quite a few print screens. I have also watched quite a few videos today. many including TedTalks. I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to listen to, however I did want to find inspiration that was completely not linked to what I am doing. For example I watched a video on TedTalks which was about the abandoned over the head rail way system in Manhattan, New York, it was a talk by Robbert Hammond, he started a project to stop it being demolished after he actually went up and was amazed to see wild flower and plants running across all the tracks. It’s basically a park in the sky.He wanted to make the accessible to all members of the public to see the beauty what is literally just above some of the streets of New York. I thought by doing this I could come out with ideas out of the box and different. After all them videos and what not I started to look at my actually chosen type/font which catched my eyes which was the Croft Collection which belongs to the John Lewis family.

I don’t know whether it was the lines of the text or even the surrounding lines which squared the text together that I liked but I had this idea that I could use the lines to incorporate a fresh brand identity or advertisement.  I then had a talk with Shirley which definitely helped as she added a lot more depth into my project and give me more perceptions and perspectives to look at. This included the trend analysis of the company, how me as generation millennials and looking at Generation X which is the previous generation born before 1982. Anyone born between 1982 to 2000 are the millennials generation, I will call it generation M. They have grown up in the digital realm and the next generation will be even more digitally connected. We are the generation of visual curators and we literally consume and produce images.

Millennials are fundamentally different and you could say unique due to their views on advertising and brands. We don’t believe some brands are honestly and rely a lot of peers and family to make a brand credible. But once we find a brand thats credible and likeable we become very loyal, especially when the brand builds loyalty and trust by giving something back to the consumer.

I want to basically tell a digital story using omnichannel and create multiply journeys for the consumer. Generation M are hard to sell too we don’t take notice of the normal printed adverts or TV adverts we want to be connected and apart of the brand, having a brand on multiply platforms will definitely build more of a relationship with generation M.

Now for my idea I want to think outside of the box yet keep the idea fresh, pure, raw and natural. I don’t want it to fight with other brand identities, I want it to be the option that soothes the soul. It sounds daft that Im creating a whole sister brand lets say of croft but Ill use my research and trend analysis on how Ill promote furniture and designs that is future proof and timeless. I have to do this by connecting to every part of my audience including multiply generations. Due to John lewis heritage it has already won the older generation (well compared to me, older) but how do I sell it to generation M, trying to think how do I use my advert or video to bring people into my brand and lifestyle. I will look into immersive narratives, this could put the viewers or users as the director. Or I could create a video that plays and a person can click on a part of the video that they are interested in and it pulls up more information on whatever they have clicked on. It sounds easy but having just a little more information at the hands of the consumer when they want it might be the difference between having a loyal customer and not having one.


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