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Last week the group had a sit down and a bit of a wake up call, it’s coming up to the end of our 2nd year foundation degree, and our graduation is literally around the corner. We having really researched and looked into what we are going to do after our degree. It’s bloody scary!  I have met a few designers while in the studio which is extremely helpful! I recently met Matt and Wendy for a second time, who are apart of  small team called Stride. They have worked for a varied range of companies and even worked with other designers. They are extremely successful doing freelance work and running a printing foil business. They do this in house which must save a lot of money, time and effort. This makes me think that if I go into freelancing, what ever area I work in it will be good to supply my own equipment and definitely a printer! A good printer is key. I understand that Matt ad Wendy do not ton internships but I have emailed them to see if they know of any other companies or studios that are willing to take on interns. I would be extremely helpful even if it was just for a few weeks it would give me just that little bit more knowledge and experience. I have emailed Stride to see if they know of anyone who is taking on internships and for any advice for a starting up freelancer. I will post the email and further research tomorrow. Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 20.28.12 As I want to further my creativity, I want to be apart of a bloggers creative website. I have emailed which also runs a instagram account. It mainly post images of type and calligraphy but recently it posted a image asking for creative bloggers to apply within. I jumped at the opportunity and followed to there link in the bio. I have sent them a lovely wordie email about why I would fit perfectly for there new creative bloggers website. I discussed what I usually post, what I could post (to relate to what they want) and what I like as a designer. Im very excited and hopefully they get back in touch soon. I have also asked if they could post some of my work and tag my instagram name in it. This could get me more publicity, which is never a bad thing! Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 21.09.30 Fingers crossed!! I have also been looking at PVUK which is a design agency that has represents artists but also shows independent artist on their website. I think I fit well with this website if I was to get in touch and see if my work could be represented as its very similar to other artists. I found a illustrator called Noa Weintraub, here is her website She has become very successful, working with high end fashion designers and starting her own bag company which has sold in London and even cities in America. Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 20.48.32
Kid robot is another agency I started looking at but reflecting on their style, I don’t think I would be suitable to be represented by this agency. Its more urban and lets just say i am more arty farty, not saying im a fine artist but Its not be scene. I do however like everything they sell, toys is big part and I love toys that aren’t meant to be played with and aren’t for kids, little lovely quirky ornaments.

What I learnt from my essay.
Recently I handed in my contemporary contextual studies essay into Adam Paxman. I chose two practitioners, both contemporary designers, both crossing over in the umbrella of design areas yet completely different. They both link to graphic arts. I talked about how graphic arts is extremely important and ore of the sassy sister of fine arts. I picked David Shrigley and Banksy. I wanted to pick someone I was interested in and inspired by and someone who didnt really tickle my feathers. If you havnt guessed from this post im not much of a urban designer or fan, I appreciate any form of design, I do like graffiti but I must say i am not its biggest fan. Banksy has shown me how to change up my canvas and how to express to the public using large scale designs, this being said, I am not going to vandalise a poor wall, get arrested and pay a fine. No thanks. But his themes are coming from a pure place. They are usually about the poor, the establishment, anti war, anti poverty, contemporary Britain, and anything that is highly talked about with strong opinions! I learnt a lot from how he works though. he has a team of people which help keep his identity concealed and other folks that make sure his work, stays his! But I dont have a team so this means either getting one, which actually wouldn’t be hard I am around designers in the making all the time, and I know people (friends) in different areas such as animation which wouldn’t half be handy if I had them in my pocket! I would have to set up hierarchy, obviously me being the boss (just kidding) but have different people with different skills doing jobs suited for them. Once everyone knew what area they fitted in, jobs could be given out accordingly.
Now getting onto David Shrigley, I think I purely like his work on its childlike similarities and his very dark witty humour. Its why he is so successful. He has done well as a contemporary designer and doesnt give a sod if people don’t like him or his work, he does not explain himself and his work basically speaks for itself.
I am also signed up to Etsy, I did this a while ago but haven’t really played around with selling any designs. I have been receiving some tips which are really helpful. I might start to put up some work, only cheap to see what sales I can make. I dont want to be greedy, but I don’t want to fall short either. I will also send some of my designs to designers that have visited the studio in uni, like Heather from Smiling wolf, or Wendy from Stride to see if they can give me any constructive feedback.
It may seem silly but I have started submitting work onto Its fun and challenging. They offer different themes, yet set no boundaries. Its exciting. Its nice to see what other designers have to offer and what they produce.Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 21.57.05

Wendy replied to my email which was nice, she’s given me advice, I kind of knew I already had to do but I’m happy that she replied and wished me luck Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.33.11


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