10 words

I struggled a lot with this project, if it wasn’t everyone tellin me to think laterally it was people telling me to follow the brief (but in a lateral way) it was very annoying and challenging, guess that’s good in a way. After having a complete and utter melt down during the first week, I had a little sit down with Shirley and it completely cleared my head and give me lots of inspiration and ideas. I wanted to play around with perception, make things look different in multiply ways. My word was wander so I could experiment an awful lot. I done the literal meaning of wander and wanded around liverpool, in parts I don’t usual visit, which was nice and insightful. I took lots of pictures. I have not used any of these images in my final design but I was happy I went out and it all does go towards my research. Since it could be linked to liverpool, I started to research wander in a different light. What does wander mean to people? Why do people’s mind wander. I found out that wandering minds link to people that are lost in their problems, it can be linked to a lot of things including depression and people being disconnected from life. It does not make sense when you first look at my page but once you read my definition and follow the link it makes sense. At the minute everyone is putting the pages together and we are printing the paper in different qualities of thickness and glossiness. It’s nice to see how my DPS looks on different types of paper. I havnt took portfolio pictures just yet but here is design. At different angles.  



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