Photoshoot | Luggage

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Last tuesday was my first photoshoot for my luggage brief. I had already prepared and got my objects and case ready and started to prep with jennie with the lighting and the background.

My first thought was to have an all clear plain white background, I took a number of photos with different angles and lighting. I also used another type of lighting called the red head. Since its a professional environment, we had to be shown around briefly by Hayley. She’s one of the colleges technicians. I think it went extremely well. I was more than happy with my outcomes especially with this background. However, since my time period was the 1940/50s, the white background seem too clear, too clean. It had to age or emotion. It suited in a scientific sense which does link to my chosen person, Rosalind Franklin. I then moved my suitcase over to another environment which was a cream coloured cotton material covered in dirt and coal. It seemed more efficient and actually looked great. I had a concept that I started to unravel into my photos, which was having a figure in the photos, a shadow. I was so excited and used Jennie as my girl/prop. I experimented with different colours and lights while doing this. The normal soft light different create a strong outlined shadow which is what I wanted. It needed to be clear of a woman. A silhouette of such. I played around which my Nikon 3D200 and my phone camera. I done this so I could then experiment with certain apps including Instagram. just to play around with the filters and darkness.

The red head light worked perfectly for the strong shadow I’m looking for. The concept behind my ideas is that Franklin was the forgotten female scientist. She contributed so much to science that has helped shape our society in such a way that for her to be ignored, just because she is of the wrong sex is soul destroying. I think using her in the photos is a step forward is her being acknowledge. I will start to experiment with these photos and plan out more ideas for my next shoot.







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