Transmitting Andy Warhol | after dark

On Saturday I went to Andy Warhols exhibition at the Tate in the Docks with Jen and Kim! Well I thought it was brilliant so inspiring, definitely give us so many ideas for our end of year exhibition. It featured other artist and musicians which made it that extra bit special. There was one room in the show that was completely covered in protected videos and images over lapping each other, being in the centre of that room while so much is going on with all different sounds and noises was something else! I took some sneaky shots seem as we was getting followed the whole time, due to no photos, pfft. I also got some bargains as it was the second to last show that was going to be exhibiting the Tate so everything was like half price. Result. I got 19 post cards which are just delightful. Definitely a must and going to jump at the next opportunity to go on a elegant night on the town with the uni girls.







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