Last week was the deadline for roses, this was a live brief that aims towards the North west region. It was the most strange brief iv ever had it was so brief in words that it was so open and I could really explore my creativity. Rush hour, traffic jams and delayed trains but it is all in people’s minds? How do I change the perception? I have already done some blog posts about my research so I’ll get down to the work, I was paired with Jennie which was quite difficult, I love Jen but our personality a clash on a daily basis so simple tasks become mountains but I think we are learnt how to deal with each other better, which is good. We managed to have our own ideas but merge them together which has given us a strong piece of work (in my eyes anyways) I created some A4 and A5 zines all written and illustrators by me but digitally edited and fixed by Jen, she also created our logo which I put a few finishing touches too. She currently is finishing off our app and cup covers which are looking fab! Here are some pictures I took of all our finished bits and bobs, this all has to be presented professionally as one of the key outcomes in the brief so everything will be photographed and put into our portfolios. Overall I have loved this project. I felt I could explore different routes I don’t usually look at, including illustrations, calligraphy and colour manipulation. I have loved every second!






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