In today’s session we watched Westworld a film that definitely links to hyperreality
I actually enjoyed the first half of the film it came out in 1973 a decade before terminator (robot like humans ) and the author was Michael Crichton. He also was the author for Jurassic park. This film also links to hyperreality obviously having the dinosaurs and the humans in the film playing a god like figure.
Delus which is the company in the film which offers 3 theme park worlds set in different times and eras, Westworld, Roman world and Medieval world.
The world are full of humans and you don’t know who are the humans or other guest or the robots. As the robots look and feel real, and have all human characteristics.
The operators behind the theme park who control and organise everything, can control the weather, the sun set and the waking of the robots. However some of the robots are starting to get ‘infected’ which has never happened before as why would they? They are robots. But the doctors or technicians of the robots think it could be some sort of virus, now at this point in time things like viruses were never really heard of. Some of the robots are created by other robots which is like 2nd generation robots, so some of the technicians don’t know themselves how the robots completely function.

Uncanny valley
My definition: it’s things that appear human but aren’t quite human so just like robots. It’s sort of like stuff of night mares especially some of the examples I’m finding and like life human robots, the smaller they are the more scary they get child size lifeless body walking around. Creepy.
Three online sources that discuss “uncanny valley”
A video on YouTube of a CB2 which is a child robot with biomimetic body.
People that attraction to things with human characteristics, once we find it with a human like robot we look deeper and when you see it has non human characteristics, no feelings or emotion so this give us a feeling of alienation and fear towards the object.
The fear could also be caused by death, seeing something that has no chance or fear of death just walking among us, it’s quite intimidating.
A sense of realism that causes a sense of negativity.
New films are have also started to use this type of technique, for example polar express and Beowulf, they aren’t just cartoons they look exactly human like and it can be creepy and uneasy for viewers. It’s 3D animation taken to the next level.
Games and other computer devices are starting to follow the uncanny valley trend of using human life qualities in things that aren’t really real.



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