Umberto Eco

Last week was given a task to to read a essay about hyper-reality. At first I thought it was going to be a nice little reading task but I was wrong! It definitely challenged my ability to read, I can obviously read but this was very hard for me to understand and take in. I had to reread certain pages 2 or 3 times just to get a sort of understanding! I think it’s helped though I feel more confident in looking at other books and essays of this type of styled read. I’m level 5 now so I do need to start pushing my writing skills along and reading this type of stuff! My interpretation of hyper reality is making something not real, real for example happy potter isn’t real, Daniel Radcliffe isn’t the Harry Potter and neither is the film they are hyper- realities and if you want to go further the book isn’t the reality, we cut down trees to create the paper then put written codes onto it that’s reality! Basically it’s more, it’s giving something that structure that it is real, the Disney land rides, for example the Jurassic park ride, that’s hyper-reality, the film is hyper-reality, and the dinosaurs in the film are hyper-reality. We had a long discussion about it in our session on Tuesday and it was nice to hear that some of my peers had struggled too. It was also very interesting to see their interpretations as that helped me a lot! Different perspectives definitely helped. Here are some key terms I discovered during the task which I decided to put into my own glossary.





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