Research state of mind

I thought I was really going to struggle with this project but I have jumped straight in! Started looking into all different design opportunities and ones that I know are daft but it’s a open brief, I can do what the hell I want! First as its all about perception started looking at what that is which o have talked about in previous post! I then started looking at films like the matrix, bit off course but it makes sense! It’s all about the mind and what it creates as reality. This brought me onto looking at Freud, luckily I have a book called Freud, a guide to the father of psychoanalysis. And let me tell you it’s really quick and edge and straight to the point. He may have looked at emotions and feeling to be all sexually pushed but when looking further into his work it makes sense, the way we think about our selves our ego, libilo, and nevrosis all leads and contributes to our way we think. But is it how we think that can lead us to our own destruction? Our society now is quick paced and in the NOW! Nobody wants to wait, like who does that? And when you do its the worst thing on the planet. This is completely daft, this way of thinking never lets your mind or thoughts cool down, or have break. I have always knew about the secret. I knew this could definitely change people’s perceptions and way of thinking. It changed mine, maybe not a 100% of the time but it’s a lovely book. I have been scanning through it and watched the movie and it makes complete sense. Positive thinking, positive doing, reflects positive vibes, absorbs positive vibes, what you give to the universe it reflects right back to you. That alone is quite lovely. Knowing you’re apart of something bigger than you that you contribute too that you depend on and it depends on you. Okay I might go going off on one but it does help towards this project I promise! I have put sticky notes throughout the book the secret, giving me a lot of help!








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