Remember always wear sunscreen- State of Mind

I have just started my new project called State of Mind. It is an extremely open brief, like literally it has not given anything away for what outcome they would live or form or media. In some sense it’s really good I could do whatever I want and that could work to my advantage but on the other hand it can be a negative. Seen as it’s so vast and the ideas could be endless its hard to bring things together. I have started looking into peoples perception and found of the definition. It sounds daft but knowing purely what it means helps a lot.
The actual brief is a simple question, or statement. It’s a simple sentence.
Everybody hates queuing, train delays and rush hour traffic-but is it all a state of mind? Change perception and let the bad times rock and the good times roll.
So yeah thats it and I can use it on any channel. Sometimes getting the opportunity to do something with guidelines is quite difficult. I think this is why I picked this brief as it is different and something I am not used to.
Here is a video that I was shown a few years ago called Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann. I love it. I think its so different yet all the words and meanings make sense. It touches your senses and makes you feel more of a unity with your friends and family and basically everyone else instead of you just being a lone ranger. Everyone has problems but heres ways to deal with them.
I have also been looking at the book the Secret. I have only read few chapters of the book but just that really gives off this incredible message. I have watched the film which wasn’t what I expected but overall I loved that too. The secret is all about perception and positivity and when you reflect it you absorb it and when you do good, good will happen. And we don’t know if its true or just a load a rubbish but not doing it at all well does not give us that push. If we think it’s going to work then 9/10 it probably will. If we think something is going to fail or we as people are going to fail then we will. I think being a pessimist can just bring you down, make you miserable. Personally I find myself a defensive pessimist. By doing this I found the worst possible scenario that could happen in a situation and thinking about it and harvesting that feeling of anxiety that I end up doing the best I could. It sounds dat and yes I do end up pushing myself into a nervous breakdown but its worked really well into my advantage.
I am going to look at a lot of self help books and how they are popular and what is most effective in changing people mind and views.


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