Never work with children

Today I thought I would get my video sorted with Lindon for my WWF project. Lets just say it wasn’t successful as he wasn’t in no mood for cooperation. My idea was for him to use his hand and fingers to represent animals, and every time he put one finger down he talked about the animal, eg. This little tiger will be killed for medicine. I was going for the ‘this little piggie’ nursery rhyme as thats well remembered by most people and still highly used in schools.
in my head it was going to be very striking as it would be coming from a child. Its thought provoking as they shouldn’t know these things but it needs to be taught to them as the environment is everybody’s responsibility.
The most I got out of him was when I showed him a video of monty the penguin (which is the john lewis’ advert) He knew that so there marketing campaign obviously had worked really well.


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