Daily post

Yesterday we have paxman for the first 3 hours, during this session we started throwing out ideas for the end of year show, early bird gets the worm as they always say!
We documented everything on paper and the board. Then we have a little chat about our presentation, this helped a lot as it makes sense when someone just breaks down simple that, like I know how to prepare a power point but paxman gave everyone advice and it was a big help! After lunch we started to look at D&AD! This is due in next week (not fully) but I still want to get as much of it done as possible! I have came up with a new scheme of work, instead of relying purely on my animated video, I think about a more appropriate solution that fits the time frame I’m dealing with! So I have been looking at market campaigns and guerrilla advertisement, I need something that’s pretty simple but holds shock value! So I’m going to either creat between 5-8 posters by next week and create a small video using a volunteer child! Who will tug on your heart strings! I could then take clips of this video and create posters with screen shots! I’m going to get the ball rolling with this in Friday! Today I was also mark making with Sophie, we had a number of materials to choose from even potatoes and apples! I loved it I used my animal footprint ideas and carved them into a form type board! I think it didn’t look too bad!







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