the troubles with animation

Recently I have been playing around with stop motion animation on Photoshop, using the Timeline window. I have done something similar to this a few years ago for a college project, however I used illustrator to create characters and their movement then transferred it onto photoshop. This time I have started to make use of my Bamboo tablet and pen. I think its very useful to create figures or literally anything and then make them move using this application. I saved my first few frames (around 30) which took, lets just absolutely hours!! and it saved thank god, so carried on bare in-mind this video is still only around 6 seconds long. jeewiz. Anyhow after doing over 50 different frames, it wouldn’t save… figures, it said my file was too big to save which kind of makes sense as I had around 100 different layers here and there, and 50 odd frames. Crazy, and then my mac turned itself off. Unexpectedly. At the worst moment ever. Brilliant. So I’m back with this first little chunk. I have already had some ‘lovely’ reviews from my peers, I won’t go into much detail into what they said (you don’t wanna know)

I didn’t even tell mention whats it about, whoops, its about my live brief, WWF! I am very happy with this production at the moment. Apart from half of it deleting but now I know I need to constantly save and make sure my files aren’t huge!

PS it was longer and slightly slower on photoshop, however sometimes when you save render the video and save it as an Adobe Media Encoder which then you put the format to Quicktime it can have that effect. I will need to consider this when I carry on with my animation. Also currently my frames are not 0.1 seconds I could change this to 0.2 to see if that will have an effect on my final video.


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