WWF and no, not wresting

For the new blood D&AD awards I have decided to pick the live brief, WWF. I think I was drawn to it as it can be seen as a very touchy subject. Its about charities and why people aren’t giving. Well along those lines anyways. I will be looking at other charities including WaterAid, SaveTheChildren, DogsTrust, Ebola, Cancer ResearchUK, Barnardos, NSPCC, and RSPCA, what do they all have in common when they advertise to the public? Guilt, and why is that? Guilt makes them sad, makes them question there ability as a human to why they haven’t helped before. Its a tactic thats been used so many times and people are now not falling for it, its making people lose touch with charities. They no longer have a relationship as there is no trust.
Average people feel that their money does not go to where its meant to. As little as 8% of money donated to certain charities actually goes to the cause. Which is pretty awful. I know theres people high up in the business, and yes a charity is still a business, as much as we like to think its entirely run by volunteers, it isn’t. And the ones at the top have a nice paycheque.

You may think Im being cynical, but some people are purely motivated by self interest and I’m not the only one, I have asked a number of people including my family, my tutors, peers and I have looked at online forums, and trust most of them forums are full of complaints and basically slagging off every advert with a starved dying child in it. People don’t want to see this anymore as they feel its not their responsibility, its the famous people on the advert (with the money) that should be donating, not average everyday people just about making a living themselves. And in a way, I back that up too, I’m fed up of feeling guilty that I don’t give to charity, charity starts at home.

Now back to the project, at first I thought well if every other charity users the guilt method, I could use that but that would completely go against what I even believe. So how am I going to get 14-24 people olds to start putting in their part to helping the environment and animals around the world? I need to figure out what I would need to watch and read to make me start changing my ways! Im in that age bracket, so I gotta’ ask myself, Why when I know and I am aware of the problem do I not act?
I will be looking into 14-24 year olds, and what they have in common and not in common. One of the biggest things is communication, phones, social media, they both have it, they may lead different lifes as a 14 year old is a child and a 24 year old could have a family of their own, their own responsibilities and priorities.
I will be looking at different marking strategies being used by different companies, Guerrilla marketing is a big’n!


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