Grayson Perry and that lot

On tuesday I had a lecture about different artist that are currently successful (and living) obviously that are now in the post modern and contemporary period. First we looked at a number of people and companies including OBEY, Gary Baseman, Jason Freeny, and Tara Mcpherson. I was most interest by Grayson Perry as his work is work diverse in style, medium, and format!
Another artist who is a pervasive artist is Gary Baseman, as he may be a fine artist but he can damn hell do everything in-between. He just wouldn’t define himself to one type of style.
One of the reasons I like Grayson is because his need to look at taste and social branding. He believes taste can be taught and defined. I watch a program on channel four about him and a new project last night called Grayson Perry: who are you? It was quite eye opening as he went to certain parts of Britain like Belfast which have such a big divide in certain communities for example, Protestants and Catholics. I couldn’t how much Belfast was full of portraits on buildings and walls, there is deffinitly not a visual identify issue there as you know just by looking at a persons house what type of person they are, from royalist to full of proud to be British. There was one woman who was a grandmother who was mid getting a tattoo on her hand of the union jack as a statement to anyone around to what she is and thats what she loves.
This was proof In Perrys theory that even in certain cultures that is mid of divides, people are basically in tribes wether they know it or not. He is going to represent this by painting, sketching and presenting his portraits of these people/areas in The National Portrait Gallery.
This project is to find the British Identify.
This site was extremely useful and had all the information I needed about what he was doing and achieving.
Recently he also created a number of tapestries, some were as a set and he also created one of himself.
They are digitally sticked and sewn, so it’s a lot quicker at creating that it used to be.
Most of his designs for the tapestries are created on photoshop and he is also known for using graphic pens and devices in adding detail in character and colours.
I think by him using this such method it adds confusion in the design, he is using such a old type of medium yet the designs on the tapestries will be very modern, loaded with information, and full of colour.
The tapestries tell a story, it includes a number of subjects and yes you guessed it the main on is class, snobbery, money, British society, Social mobility between classes. All in a few series of designs. I think they are extremely creative and brilliant. He users symbolism in his designs which certain everyday objects are placed in. e.g a popular picture a football kit, things that ‘everyday’ people can relate too. I think he this defiantly a case of juxtaposition he users this in a lot of his designs. He puts things together that don’t really fit to create this tension and emotion, and I must add it works very well.
All of these where displayed at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.
Perry has definitely given me inspiration and ideas for my current project, basically to just think outside the os and use as many wacky ideas, put designs on old styled mediums and formats. Anything that is too crazy can always be brought back in. I do want to experiment with designs that could be building size big.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.07.26

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.07.54

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.07.33

Another artist/designer which captured my attention was Kayleigh Radcliffe. She’s a local designers and displayed many of her pieces of work at a christmas market in St Georges hall in Liverpool. She also sells prints and cards on her own website and She user traditional and vintage themes and also a lot of animals. She is similar to Perry and she users things as animal heads on human bodies. This is also juxtaposition.
I cannot stop looking through her blog
I think every time I see a design thats she’s made it inspires me to just draw animals with silly bodies and use a mixture of mediums including digital and imagery AND hand drawn all put together in one design. At the minute I think she is successful not on the same page as Perry, as his success stretches to Exhibitions and T.V series in his name but I think for someone of Kayleigh’s age and her amazing ability to create something so unique and sometimes daft to look at, thats where her success lies. She also which I only just found of her blog experiments with clay to create ‘egg men’ and users different techniques like origami. She recently just finished a project were she created leather origami purses which she sold in a Charity shop.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.29.48

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.30.43

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.29.59

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.29.38
I did say earlier that Radcliffe’s and Perry’s work had comparisons but that was only in the sense that some of there work does not make sense who has a different meaning to what it actually is but that contrast as there work is completely different, they have their down style, own formats, own themes, and own materials.


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