Just my type

While on the pentagram website I found a number of different briefs and project that I thought could help with my current brief, branding. I have been doing (well trying) my research and I have come to a sort of stand still with semiotics and type, I know what they both are of course and I know the basics about them but just finding the write useful information and not just plai rubbish is quite touch, I have learnt the difference between symbols and logos (I know I thought they were the same too) and symbolism, which is looking more at shapes and colours but I have gotten stuck on exploring all three aspects, signs, symbols and symbolism. I have found this very quirky little video, which is a promo for a book coming out called Just My Type by Simon Garfield the video features around 99 fonts a minute. I have also been looking at christmas styled fonts and what goes and does not go with the type of theme. I have also thought I had a eye for the right font with certain things but I actually thought no font felt right on my designs so I created handwritten type which I then scanned onto the computer and edited on illustrator, I think its turned out quite well. I have also been putting some of my designs on bags and cups just to see what I looks like on merchandise.


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