winter festival is coming

On Tuesday was a week into our branding brief, its been a bit messy, we have had to do things backwards as the Festival Management Degree wanted our designs for the festival then. which was a bit rubbish as our research is meant to reflect in our design but since theirs no research our designs are purely based on what the festival management told us they wanted. We presented our work on pin up boards ready for 1.o.clock. They did not turn up, the tutor however turned up a few hours later with some of the students and took our work so we didn’t get much feedback from them. This has given me a good insight that clients can be unpredictable and it goes with the business. Wonderful. My design didn’t get picked. What a got from my feedback was vague and quite passive. My designs were apparently too posh for Bootle and it looked liked I was aiming at higher class people.
I think I might of took my feedback too personal as it didn’t give me anything to improve on unless I changed the whole thing.
I also created some Christmas cards that I presented on the pin up boards. I am quite happy with them and will carry on creating more using illustrator and Photoshop.


I alsov started experiemting with the Print Press machine in the studio. Using a lot of different types of font characters and sizes. I started to go with the more festive old fashioned styled Christmas text, which is very swooshy if you get me. I also put on some blocks that had little designs on them. This could help with creating some designs for my Christmas cards.





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