Festival project and branding

During this weeks lecture with Paxman we looking at branding, what is it? and why its important. In my view when something is branded correctly it can have such a huge impact and significant in someones every day life. For example we started looking at the Volkswagen, a German made car. After the war obviously German made things were not very popular and they Volkswagen knew it, so they new to win over the Americans they had to have a sneaky advertising scheme. Which was to belittle and joke about the cars during a series of adverts. It was very clever as it done the job, more and more Americans started buying it.
Branding is a logo or unique name for a product. Its put across to the consumer through advertising campaigns. Its basically clever ways to make it known in the market and to customers or consumers to keep them loyal.
A logo is a distinctive and memorable image, design, or type that represents or identifies a organisation or company. Not to be confused with branding as branding identifies a product or family of products. A logo is to identify the company.
corporate Identify
Now this is basically everything… which included, colours, type, designs, themes, the company’s philosophy. Its the the brand and logo put together.
The first known corporate identity system was by a German man called Peter Behrens in 1907.
His company was called A.E.G
The style of his designs linked to Art Nouveau but peeled back the ornamentation’s.
We then looked at the balancing act between the brand awareness and change. if there is too much anarchy the share holders become wary of the corporations stability but if the company shows no sign of change it looks like it would not be able to adapt to new ideas.

We then started looking at doyle dane Bernbach, I originally assumed it was a person but its far from it, its a company, also known as DDB. The founders were: Maxwell Dane, William Bernbach, James Edwin Doyle. And obviously were it gets it name.
Its best known for creating the revolutionary Volkswagen ad campaigns of the 1950s and 60s, more specifically 1945-1962. Bernbach was inspired by Paul Rand, a graphic and industrial artist whose bold simplicity had a powerful influence on him.


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