Deadline day

Yesterday was the deadline and crit for thinking types. This goes for Helens project too. As they all interlink. I was very happy with my outcome, I presented my 2 double page spreads and front and back cover all on A2 as instructed on the brief and had printed out my 20 pages of research, I also had digital copies of both my final pieces and the 20 pages which I created on indesign then uploaded to issuu. I talked about why I did certain things and used a lot of space on my pages. As my chosen artist was Vincent frost, I decided I need a clean air type flow run through all the pages. Since frost is well known for making use of space or air, I knew this needed to be a big part of my design! I am extremely happy with my feedback I received yesterday and I will take all of it into consideration and be making a few alterations to my final designs. I was told I could adjust the lettering across both double pages, one of my titles was also lost so that could so with a bit of a nudge over and I needed for certain to give credits for the image I used! This one was a bigger as it’s a must! The criticism was extremely constructive.



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