Thinking Types Research

I haven’t really posted  much about this project but I think I will discuss and go through everything now!
We got given the project less than 4 weeks ago. It was called Thinking Types Editorial, our main object was to create a cover and two double page spreads on Indesign and have then published so they could be used on a phone or Ipad. The long list of tasks included having a lot of in-depth research, by that I mean 20 pages. This took a lot longer than I anticipated, I usually give myself a time limit within most of my projects and create deadlines for mini tasks, but since this was my first brief back and we had such a huge amount of research (which wasn’t the problem, love a good’ol lot of research and writing) It was the fact we needed all of them pages, minimum, It made me kind of forget about everything else we had to do. It wasn’t until the third week that I started my concepts and truly thought about what artist and typography designer I was going to pick. At first I picked Piet Zwart. My reasons are because there was so much for me to play around with. He used a lot of white space in his designs and objects, including arrows, lines and photographs. I did a few concepts and played around but my focus turned to Vince Frost. I then started to look further into his career, his design history and it was pretty amazing. I think he has flurished as a designer especially since moving to Australia. His designs never fail to amaze me.
Since the final designs had to be on Indesign, we got in an expert, who is my adopted graphic mother Heather from Smiling Wolf. She gave me and everyone in the class a workshop on all the basics of indesign and then went into further detail about columns, and all the ins and outs. I found it extremely helpful. I have used indesign before, it came in handy as I have created a full magazine cover before but having the workshop updated my forgotten skills. During the workshop we also looked at different magazines. This was just to compare layouts and columns.

After This we then had another workshop, this time with Shirley Brown, she talked about everything that Heather didn’t. I felt confident at this point to start putting all my research on indesign. Since all my research was in my sketchbook I had to use the printer and scan each page to my emails. It was hard graft and quite time consuming but after a while to all started to come together.
I researched a number of designers including; Vince Frost, Piet Zwart, Paul Renner, Josef Muller Brockmann, Andy Goldsworthy, Mark Rothks, Stefan Sagmeister, Morris fuller Benton, Paul Felton, Herman zapf. I then looked at graphic design firms and companies. I was pleasantly surprised about this as some of them I recognised but never knew who they were. Very strange! I first looked at Why Not Associates, then I looked at Cranbrook and Tomato. While looking through Tomato’s history I come across John Warwicker who is very interesting. He and his wife started the magazine tomato, never expecting it to get as big and popular as it did, and the struggles of being a contemporary magazine that some people thought was getting outdated.
I then went onto Saul Bass, not my biggest cup of tea but I don’t mind some of his work, it carrys a theme which I will. It holds purpose and style. Neville Brody was a designer which I did enjoy researching. He plays a lot around with text and images and his work can sometimes relate to things I have created in the past. I find a lot of links.
Here is my 20 pages which I created on indesign. I exported the file as an interactive PDF. I then published it I don’t this using a website called ISSUU (self publishing site) which is brilliant must I add, as it’s an APP too which means you can view your published file on your phone! Once It was uploaded I then started to create my dreaded final!
Here is my 20 pages (maybe more) of research. I will also talk about my final work and post a link on my next post.


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