The Final (I think)

Here is my final designs, cover and 2x double page spreads. I have a sneaky extra double page spread at the back but don’t worry that was just experimental. As I chose Vince Frost as my designer, I had to think like him but not create something that he has already done! looking at it like that, yeah seems easy but when It came down to coming up with ideas it was pretty difficult. I have to come up with a lot of concepts. I wanted to be as accurate as possible when It came to my concept pages so I decided to print out pages with indesign with all the columns and everything included. This helped a lot and made more sense of the surrounding area. Once I had come up with a basic idea I just went with it and started opening up photoshop, indesign, illustrator, literally everything I could think of, that would benefit me in the slightest.
Once I had created a basic final design I was happy to then review all my work including the concepts to see if I had included any of these types of balances, asymmetrical balance, symmetrical, movement and radial. I had link all of the above with my designs except for radical. Which I then explained in my sketch book what it was.
At the minute I am very happy with my research, concepts and final designs but I still have till Monday (the deadline) to change anything. Heres my final designs.


4 thoughts on “The Final (I think)

      1. Go on ISSUU, upload your PDFs there, that will generate a digital magazine and then you can add the embedded code into your post. That way it will turn over the pages like a magazine 🙂

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