Age of communication is the now

This week in Paxman’s lecture we looked at cornell notes. This is a kind of way to take notes and structor your work and projects, by asking yourself the right questions. I think its really useful. We put this into practice during our first task the group was told to identify three good editorial/typographic designs and one bad example.
We are not allowed to use the internet, computers or our phones. But we needed evidence. I was in a group with Kim, we decided to go to the library and scan the books into a printer.
The first book we come across was a book called finger prints by Chen Design Associates, This was picked not for the look, well half for the look but more the feel, it was smooth material and had embossed writing and illustrations. IT was really nice and felt wonderful, it was also ascetically pleasing! it makes me want to pick up the book and feel it! I can’t say the same for the contents inside but 10/10 for cover! It also had a consistent colour pallet throughout, textured. It also had the same font throughout the book which was a nice touch. It was also very clear and straight to the point, very sensory. Now my view on this cover was a mixture of facts and opinions.
The next book I looked at was Urban Art and Architecture in Liverpool by Aaron Bimpson, I liked how there was a consistent layout and format that followed right throughout the book, it created a sense of comfort if that makes sense, I knew what to expect when I turned onto the next page. It was a extremely bold cover that was bright yellow, it made it stand out like crazy! Each page compliment each other as it was quite minimal design in place but something simplicity is the key. Very edge with the content in the books.


The third of the ‘liked’ and ‘good’ choices was a book called, book of skulls. Its front cover was not that appealing but the layout of consistency followed through every single page. It was the same colour pallet and font. It also was pocket size which made it very nice to look at and read. It made very good use of space and empty colour. such a very nice design.


Now this is my lets call it bad design, the book is called logo and on the back it says VOl.1 How both front and back covers which not in line. Both pieces of text and design were not even, they had been printed on the spine of the book, which looked very untidy and lazy, maybe it was a printing error or maybe just a bad layout. But it gets even worse there was what so ever no grid system… come on thats like the basic of graphic design and layouts! There was also a barcode which touched one of the prints on the back of the book and the design and print of the title did not match what the actual book was about! The colours didn’t help either, it was a dark navy blue with white font and I believe this can be seen as hard to read!

This activity was to make me be a little bit more self critical or critical in general. I put the term bad and good on these books but the thing is, good and bad is very subjective, what I think is bad could be seen as brilliant in someone else mind so I need to have facts and my opinions to back up my views! I will be learning how to judge and evaluate properly, sometimes all good could mean is a effective design and not a masterpiece.
During this lecture we also discussed what we call this time period and were we place ourself and other designers.


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