Our first tutorial and lecture

Today was my first tutorial/lecture. It was basically getting us back into the rhythm of things and going through what we will be doing over the next few weeks, we first looked at some key words. The first was contemporary, which basically means the now, if that makes sense, what is happening now, or even my peers could be classed as contemporary.
Evaluation; which is just making valued judgements on a certain project or subject and coming up with a conclusion. (being critical)
Post Modern; well pre is being and post is after, simple enough.
Objective; now this can have several meanings in different contexts, from my perspective it’s giving yourself tasks or goals that would want to complete within a certain time period.
Continuum; its time! Could be a timeline or something that occurs over time.

After this task we then started looking at a graphic designer and photographer, Stefan Sagmeister.
He’s a contemporary designer. The first imagine we were shown was lilies with type written on them saying Always, I think this was very subjective, I don’t think many people understand the meaning behind the artwork straight away. Since lilies are the image of death I think it can be seem as a very dark piece. Another image I looked at was the artist, Sagmeister with no clothes on with markings all over the top half of his body, at a first glance it looks like it could have been put there with a pen or marker but in fact he got someone who worked for him at the time to carve into his flesh using a small blade! To this day he is still scared with the markings. From this alone I think he is nuts, very thought provoking, and powerful.
He once said in an interview that “style=fart”, he wanted a reaction and he sure got it as this followed him for a further 10 years until he reflected on his first thought and realised that style is good, it does not have to bad or different but everyone needs to follow some sort of style to what goes whats norm at that time. I understand his first statement, as a student graphic designer, if I did become quite well known I don’t want to be held down by one thing that people thought I was really good. After 10 years like I said he did change his mind and discoursed on himself.
From looking at his work I have noticed he definitely is not just linked or remembered for one style, I think he could be classed as naturalist as he does a lot of his creations outside using objects to create type, he then has another imagine of a public toilet and it basically has a life size business card, at first you think well that just daft but it is basically selling himself to everyone who users that toilet. It’s a design promoting himself. Extremely clever and divergent!
What I like about a certain aspect of his work is his designs he does outside, they are not intended to last forever as he creates words or objects using outside bits and bobs, leaves, wire, rocks, literally anything. His designs are not long lasting and far from it they are ephemeral and transient.
Another designer who is similar to this is Andy Goldsworthy he is a naturalist and who collaborates nearly all of his designs with nature.
If I had to describe Sagmeister in three words, they would be; Daring, Divergent, and Ephemeral.
I think they suit him nicely, as a designer, from my point of view he wants a reaction out of the people who view his work, he wants them to think or feel, he challenges your ideas and perceptions, and then you have then he has achieved everything he wanted out of his creations.
Looking at his mediums he has used in his work, well I can put my hands down and say more than me! Some of his work is created out of bananas, lots and lots of bananas! Others are outside which I have discussed and he does a lot of hand drawn or crafted pieces, he is very fluent, experimental, and unusual. His typographic work stands out for me too. He experiemts type in a different way by making it 3 dimensional by using it on peoples faces and bodies.
Here is a really useful website that I have been looking at thats partly about Sagmeister, it has past and present films, designs, and projects that Sagmeister is working on! Its very helpful.
I have been looking at some of his work he put up in the Happy Exhibition, that has a mixture of graphics and typographic designs. These are all very similar to the writing drawn on people peoples, carved into him and outside. However in one of his designs, which is outside he has used a group of people to create the word using their own bodies, which looks really nice, another is a word that looks like it has been placed onto a leaf, it looks like water droplets, its very pretty and eye catching.
If I was to create something about or for either Andy Goldsworthy or Sagmeister I would look at how they would first try to do it, like but I picture in my head if they had to do one about them selves. I think deffinitly Goldworthys design would very simple and pure. Using only the most subtile textures and themes (styles) however I think you could a few different ways with Sagmeister, all out or simple, his designs have such dramatic twist against each other that it would be more of a struggle creating trying to find something that suited him. Overall I think he is a wonderful design, I like how he can be very dark and thought provoking but has recently did a few workshops and exhibitions on happiness and words and phrasiers to live by! He’s brilliant and I think he will always be one of those designers that will bring a shock to you with all of her creations.


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