Finishing the invite

Yesterday we had another meeting with Dave Lockwood, Hayley, and other students who are apart of the team who are arranging and sorting out the show. I shown my invite to the group, looking for criticism and feedback, it was very useful as many people informed me that they read down and not across, so I had to rearrange my layout completely. It was not much hassle as it is only typography on my invite. I wanted it to be clean-cut and strong looking. I used similar colours through out all my designs during the process as I think they are summery and work quite well together. I have created some mock ups which I think have worked well. I am not waiting for Andy to send them off to other tutors, to see what they think of the invite. Other than that I think for the minute I have nothing more to input into the invite. I also shown my invite to Hellen Mathers, the Creative director of the course, who said it worked well and she liked it.


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