Two weeks ago I started the invite for the end show/exhibition. We all sat around and discussed what we actually wanted the for the night! It had to keep people in, it had I be different from the past couple of years! More exciting! So we all decided people love summer, the warmth, light nights, BBQs, beach balls,flowers, and cocktails! The list could go on! So summer colours for the invite are a start! I want it to be a bit more glamorous so I want the invited to have part foil plating! Which I think looks brilliant. The foil can be in a range on colours. With the invite could be fake flowers as it will give people who open the invites a taste of what the night will be like! I have only come up with a tiny design, that will only be type. Because there are so many FD and HE courses, a picture or illustration would not do any of them justice! So simple typography will work in everyone’s advantage! I think it would be nice if the invite in printed both sides, but this does add more work and drama when printing! We’ll have to see! One thing that was not mentioned in the meeting was getting the community involved! For example since my mother found out about the show, she wanted to be apart of it! So baking banana cakes seems helpful, I guess! But it makes sense, people like to take part and have pride in things that they think they have contributed too! Getting family’s involved I think we really benefit the night! Ill bring this up in the next meeting! How scary!




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