Inside creativity

On may the first, we started out Eight vs Eight Project, I have already briefly spoken about this on an earlier post. My first task was to listen to a podcast which was called Creative Huddle, These certain types of podcast were categorised as Inside Creativity. Their aim is to put creativity under the microscope, they try to understand the science of creativity. Its quite genius. Their website is called . I have now subscribe to their podcast as they are really brilliant.  It is run and organised by a small team which has been carefully chosen. They are John Harrison, James Allen, and Claire Allen.

John first come up with Creative Huddle in 2012, he was struggling to find information and myths about design and creativity. So he created it himself. Claire has always associated creativity with writing. Her personal experience has helped shape Creative Huddle workshops and podcast. John gained a lot of experience across the globe selling a wide range of products and services. 

Simon Smith is the presenter of the regular inside creativity podcast. Simon also helps out with the creative Huddle’s creativity training programmes and workshop facilitation. He contributes a lot to the Huddle.

So far I have listened to episode 3, which is about the Consensual assessment technique. This was first designed by Teresa Amabile in 1982.

‘Amabile is one of the leading figures in creativity research – she is Harvard Business School’s Professor of Business Administration and Director of Research. She argues that rather than trying to ‘manage’ creativity, we should instead focus on ‘managing for’ creativity.’

In this podcast we are joined by Karl Jeffries, course leader for the University of Central Lancashire’s Creative Thinking MA. He tries to understand what skills enhance Knowledge and creativity and whats the best assessment method that is appropriate to evaluate creativity. I was pleasently surprised that Karl works at UCLan! Its wonderful knowing tutors still have heated debates about how to test and evaluate creativity. 

The next podcast I looked at was The Remote Associates Test. This episode was too presented by Simon Smith and the guest speakers were James Allen the creator of the Creative Huddle and Andrew Sleigh. Andrew likes to use creative innovation using technology. He also works for Creative Huddle. The Remote associates test was created/designed by J.P. Guilford in 1967. During the test you are to think of as many uses as possible for a simple object that already has an obviously purpose. It seems easy but when you start trying to come up with different and alternative ideas that seem new now become very difficult. I did struggle with this! This test measures divergent thinking. I think I personal am and I am not a divergent thinker. 

It also measures results across four sub-categories:

Fluency – the number of alternative uses you can think of;
Originality – how unusual those uses are – evidence of ‘thinking different’;
Flexibility – the range of ideas, in different domains and categories;
Elaboration – level of detail and development of the idea

I loved doing this test but I did find it very frustrating!

I will be keeping posted on Inside creativity and seeing if they do upload more podcasts. I am very excited to listen to more.


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