House rules

The last few weeks we have been creating A4 size documents all having rules which everyone in the class has picked, as it links to graphics in some way, shape or form! I picked blue the lines between work & play, I really liked the placement in which I new I could put the statement/rule! I thought I would try and contain it all and keep it need! As Jennie is a lead director is this project we all had to follow her lead, her first idea was to have all the rules looking like they are all on chalk boards! This looked really good, however the idea changed when we starting looking at a creative book called change your mind! It’s absolute brilliant. Any ho, Jennie wanted the theme to be similar to this book, as it’s eye catching easy to read and the layout is spot on! Ones we had changed our designs to fit in with the new theme we printed them off in 5 different colours! We then represented them all on a white board to evaluate and pick what colour everything should be!







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