Creative Thinking…


Jen Louise

In todays lesson, Shirley  gave us 8 task that each had to be completed in 10 minutes. There was various different task were you had to think laterally, convergently or divergently.

  1. The first task I did, I got given 3 different pieces of paper each with random lines and marks to be completed how ever you want.
  2. The Remote Associates Test is were you have 8 pieces of paper each with 3 words that have a fourth word to connect them all.
  3. We were given 2 images with objects and then 2 objects we could handle, and we had to think of what that object could be used for. The more unique the better.
  4. For the 4th & 5th task we had to download podcast and listen to Inside Creativity – The Alternative Uses Test
  5. Inside Creativity – The Remote Associates Test
  6. Was to riddles one I got which was…

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