Todays sesh

Today our creative thinking tasks were very different! We were given 8 tasks which all lasted 10 minutes each. First I downloaded the podcast app on my phone so I could listen to Inside creativity. It has been created for all those who want to understand the science behind creativity.
the first task for me was to list alternative uses for daily objects. I really struggled on this one as I find it hard to think on the spot, I did however write down a few notes some more silly than others. The next two tasks was to listen to them podcast which, were very helpful and useful!
my next task was 3 unfinished illustrations, one was a box, another a line and the third a sharp z shape, I had to finish the illustration off and add to it, I loved doing this as it was more creative and I didn’t really have to think about the science behind it, which then brings me to my second to last task which I was given 3 pieces of paper all with 3 words on them I had to find out the word that linked all them 3 words together! It was brilliant but did cause stress! As it was very difficult!
My last task was easy, I had to illustrate something only using black paint a comb and a pen. I created a cat and put the comb as a moustache, the comb was also me paint brush so it looked very angry like and odd.












These tests and eight methods have really helped me think more laterally. Especially the tast to create something with a comb, a pen, and black paint. I like to think that all these methods I have learnt today, I will use in future projects. It has made me think about certain things in all different lights, in and outside the box. I will now try seen as I know I can be more imaginative and inventive. I know now that I can be divergent when given new briefs. Its very exciting.


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