Trip to ‘Lannndannn’

Feels strange making a post I have been really lazy over the easter hols! I didn’t even post one thing, I’m terrible!
Anyway, I have recently just been on a trip to London with the Uni lot, It was really good. We arrived at Lime Street around 12 on wednesday 23rd, obviously Burger kind the traditional eating venue was visited before we got the train. We stayed at a hotel called The Royal National Hotel! It actually was quite nice, clean the bathroom was a lot nicer compared to our hotel in Paris. Once we all got settled into our rooms we had a little wander around! I thought it was very similar compared to Paris due to the tubes and trains. They are very easy to use to be fair. After the little walk about. We firstly went to the National Museum, which was massive the inside of the building was amazing! After being there ANDY decided we should go to an Indian Buffet, it got all high praise off the hotel, it was absolutely poo, I think I ate my body weight in cake to make up for all the horrible curries!
The next day we got up bright and early and had complimentary breakfast, get in! We decided just to go everywhere that included the tubes and walking! Definitely walked off my breakfast and lunch! we walked to the London bridge, to Leicester Square, Camden Market! Okay the second and third day are like a big blue to me so I cant remember what happened on each day! I just know I went to them places. We also hired the bikes and went around on them for a few hours, which was really good fun, we cycled to hyde park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and let me just point out, he isn’t that big, I was slightly disappointed!
I know on the third day we went to The London Bridge Experience! It was educational but so scary! I think I must have head butted Ben every time something jumped out! Night mare! After getting the tube back we went to a little open gallery, which was quite delightful, I took lots of notes of how the art work was being presented and it was very strange being with lots of artist all casually talking and drinking. I don’t know but it was a nice atmosphere.
Overall I really enjoyed the entire trip.


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